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Sister Survivors

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Boundless healing love to All our survivor sisters and brothers everywhere~ Rosebud


Sister Survivors

Sister survivors walkin through the darkness hand-in-hand along the brutal path
Stronger together we hold our heads up high and we don't look back
We shine a light of love from our hearts for each other when we are frightened
Courageous sisters I could never have done this without you.. so I
Thank you, sisters, for all the kindness that you do

Sisters of every color comin together now from around the world
Sharing our stories of survival to inspire each other girls
And now it's time to climb this mountain all together and end this violent siege
We're gonna get there soon including our kind willing brothers.. so we
Thank you, dear brothers, for all the kindness that you do everyday

Sister protector, Carol Daly, we could never thank you enough
You held our hands and walked this lonely path with us, in our darkest hours
So let us bless you with the one love deep within our united hearts
And call upon us if you ever need our superpowers, undercover angel

Sisters of mercy, I could never thank you enough for your love
Sister survivors, yeah we are one
Sisters of mercy, I could never thank you enough for your love.. cuz love is the antidote

Now a new day is dawning.. the light fills our minds and hearts
And the love we're all spawning, no violence can ever tear apart
So let's rise together now, stand together now.. hold our heads so high, we'll never fall
When we shine our light of love we are the one and all

Yeah we are family, I've got all my survivor sisters and brothers in me..
Yeah we are family now, of thriving survivors.. yeah we're all thriving survivors

.. and the shame?.. is no longer ours to bear
No the shame was never really ours to bear
What were you wearin?.. he asked
What were You wearin?.. a badge??
Uhuh-uhuh-uhuh.. NoNoNoNo.. No way No more!!

No the shame will never be ours to bear
Never our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, nor our sisters
No the shame will never be ours to bear
Never be ours to bear again

(Copyright 2020 rosebud ireland)